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Zawna Health is an Ohio-based revenue cycle management company. You might be a big hospital. ambulatory surgery center (ASC ). or physician practice. We cater to your unique needs by providing stellar medical transcription, coding, and billing services. Our customized solutions fit the growing needs of your healthcare practice. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands when it comes to speedy cash collections. faster turnarounds. and reduced denials.

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Our Main Service

We have several years of expertise capabilities in providing quality end-to-end billing services to Hospitals.

Our Expertise

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Physician Practices

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434, Ray Norrish Drive, Cincinnati,OH-45246.

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• We provide Free Medical Coding/ Billing Trial

• We provide Free Medical Transcription.

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Your time is our priority

Our customized solutions fit the growing needs of your healthcare practice. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands when it comes to speedy cash collections. Faster turnarounds, and reduced denials. Our end-to-end RCM solutions ease your administrative burden so that you have more time to what you are best at. With faster collections, reduced denials, lower cost to collect, and revenue maximization. you will get more time to invest in expanding your clinical practice and in providing quality patient care. As your outsourcing partner, we help you bring in operational efficiencies and standardize workflows. Call us to know more about how we can assist you to get rid of your medical billing and coding worries.

“Our Mission is to be the best in class provider of comprehensive & affordable Medical Billing services by constantly striving for excellence in servicing the needs of our clients..”

Ajay Mangal MD, MBA,

CEO of Zawna








Our Services

Zawna Health strives to provide services that exceed industry standards. That is why we make sure we are up-to-date with the ever- changing medical updates.


Medical Transcription

You do not have to change the way you dictate but we will deliver medical records within 24 hours inside your system. 



Medical Coding

Our AAPC and AHIMA dual-certified coders make sure that the medical records are reviewed completely and appropriate diagnosis, procedure, and HCPCS codes are assigned.


Medical Billing

As you know. accurate demographic and insurance information capture is a critical step in the billing process.


Why Choose Us

We have several tears of expertise capabilities in providing quality end to end billing services to hospital.

Experienced Medical Coding

Unmatched Denial

Precise Transctiption

Qualified Billing Team

What People Say About Us

What Our Clients are saying our customers articulate it the best. Don’t go by our word alone!.

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“I've been with Zawna since 2006 and have been consistently impressed by the work that they have delivered. Their attitude is great, they deliver on time, and the quality is superb. The team is very accommodating, professional and expert in their field. .”
Sam Bell
VP of Finance & CFO, Fayette Regional
“Working with Zawna Health has been a smart business decision. They have simplified our billing process while increasing our revenues. Our days in AR have decreased due to them quickly identifying and resolving insurance issues..”
Thales Paviatos, MD
Chief of Staff Director of Anesthesiology, OVMC
“As a dynamic and growing surgical hospital campus with 99% patient satisfaction ,happy physicians and staff; Zawna Health allowed us to have a laser focus on what we do best… operations & growth… without the added worry that our bills were getting paid on time..”
Steve Eisentrager, MBA
President OVMC

Zawna Expert Team

Our team is dedicated to the mission of assisting you with accurate clinical documentation and coding, fast charge capture, and sending the bills out the door as fast as possible.Finally chasing revenue which is rightfully yours.

Sanjeev Jain


Brijesh Gupta

Brijesh Gupta

Accounts & Finance Manager

Get One Step Ahead Of Denials

Our Denial management process thoroughly collects the data required to eliminate denials & provides the feedback on the updates so that denials of the same type can be prevented in future.