About Us

Zawna Health is quality focused Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Company providing cost-effective and Competent Billing, Coding, and Transcription services to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Hospitals, and Physicians in all over the USA.

our mission

Our Mission is to be the best in class provider of comprehensive & affordable Medical Billing services by constantly striving for excellence in servicing the needs of our clients

At Zawna Health, we understand the mixture of all kind of Medical practices and provides customized solutions that are suited to meet your facility expectations.

Zawna Health is a Healthcare Services company that focuses on maximizing the Revenue of Medical Practices all over the USA. We affirm to provide a distinct competitive advantage to our Healthcare Providers

Our end to end RCM solution will allow you more time for quality patient care; moreover, by outsourcing your billing services to us, we will help you to reduce cost, accelerate your cash flow, and increase your profitability. We have several years of expertise capabilities in providing quality end-to-end billing services to Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), Physician Groups, and Billing.






Why Choose Us

We are always there for our clients, we strongly believe that if it’s about your business, every question must be answered. Always feel free to contact us.

High Quality & quantitity

We assure the highest standards in the quality of work delivered on the strength of a team of quality analysts with an average 12+ years of experience.

Unmatched Expertise

Over the years, we have grown into a world-class company whose mission to be the best in class provider of comprehensive & affordable services.

Precise Result

We all work determinedly to provide constancy and reliability of our services

Qualified Staff

We have a dedicated, loyal, motivated, efficient and effective professional workforce.