Medical Coding

As the first step of the charge entry process, medical coding requires spot-on accuracy. We train our medical coders in the quick, accurate and reliable processing of records and periodically ensure review, retraining, and orientation towards the latest best practices. We also believe that it is of utmost importance for us to ensure that we work with updated resources and tools at all times including but not limited to the latest books or software for the procedure and diagnosis coding based on AMA guidelines We ensure timely feedbacks on coding changes, documentation updates, and periodic reporting in line with every client’s dynamic requirements. This helps our team to match steps with the best in the industry in so far as impeccable service delivery is concerned.

We take care of everything

We also keep a close eye on the government regulations to ensure dynamic real-time alignment with the segment’s best practices. We have a proficient and skilled workforce that is well versed with various medical coding formats inclusive of ICD-9 coding, CPT coding, and HCPCS coding. They are medical reimbursement experts aiding in quick and hassle-free reimbursements up to the complete satisfaction of the medical staff as well as the patients as per the laid out standard operating procedures.

Our certified coders receive the transcription and code it within 24-48 hours using TruCode and the most up-to-date AMA coding books. Their certification ensures a higher level of coding accuracy which is important in protecting the facility’s revenue as well as more accurate reporting of medical outcomes.